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Funktion und Vorteile des SAE-Funkenerosionsverfahrens

Function and advantages of the
SAE spark erosion procedure

Dental spark erosion – the procedure for precise-fitting, biocompatible dental prostheses made of the hard base metal - CoCrMo - alloys and titanium – specifically in combined dental prosthetics and implant prosthetics. Used successfully in dental medicine and technology for over 30 years.
Satisfied customers and patients confirm this.


Kombinationszahnersatz: Grazile Gerüstgestaltung aus NEM-CoCrMo

Combined dentures: Delicate frames made of base metal CoCrMo

Regardless of whether telescopic dentures, latched dentures or dentures with connecting attachments. Dental spark erosion enables a solder-free construction, guarantees great precision fitting and offers excellent denture comfort.
This means that the dental laboratory, the dentist and the patient all profit from the quality and the price.


Implantatgetragener Zahnersatz: Langzeiterfolg durch „passive fit“

Implant-retained dentures: Long-term success with "passive fit"

A further, more extensive use of dental spark erosion was developed by SAE in 1995 for dental prostheses on implants with precision fitting - "passive fit" - the tension-free fit of implant-retained prostheses. Conventional manufacturing techniques cannot fulfil this basic prerequisite for long-term osseointegration of the implants. Studies have proven this.